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  • Site Built Buildings With Global Space East Africa Limited

    Using the best-in-class technology, we build Software,websites and apps that perform.

    Applications and size are not limited and include a variety of applications including office, schools, clinics and the like.

  •  Global Space East Africa

    We provide a turnkey package: this includes site evaluation, planning, transport, siting and erection of units. Wether temporary or permanent,
    modular design is a quick and affordable alternative to brick and mortar construction.



Global Space East Africa Limited offers Fast & Easy turn around Time with the ability to Easily change or alter the units as your needs change. Pricing couldn’t be cheaper for an instant easily transportable building that can be relocated with ease. Maintenance costs are extremely low offering better economical value then brick and mortar buildings.


Units are specifically designed and manufactured in a factory controlled environment.Completed units are transported from factory on a flatbed truck to your destination.


Site built building are erected on a concrete slab and are designed and fitted to client specification.Units are designed in such a way that multiple additions can be made to the buildings and the buildings are re-locatable excluding the concrete slab


If you require a modular building, be it site built or mobile, rental is also an option with as short or lengthy period as required.No large capital outlay is required and units can be delivered in minimum amount of time.


Our  Modular Toilet and Shower Units are high quality and sustainable long-term solutions.

Global Space East Africa delivers environmentally friendly Global Space Modular Office buildings that meet the highest standards.

Our range of Global Space EA Modular School buildings provide bespoke, permanent or temporary school buildings or classrooms.

We understand that the needs of Healthcare Professionals can be more rigorous and challenging than for other building applications.

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