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World population is currently increasing at a faster rate than ever in the past. This population growth is concentrated almost exclusively in the world’s developing countries.

This massive increase in global population poses huge problems in terms of infrastructure and housing,which can usually only be solved to an inadequate extent. Slums develop, where people live in some cases in degrading conditions. According to the German Federal Agency for Civic Education it is estimated that by the end of 2015 around 1.27 billion people will be living in slums, which equates to an average of 33.2% of world population as a whole

The conditions in slum areas, which are in some cases quite dramatic, harbour great risks for the life and health of the inhabitants. Inadequate sanitary conditions, high crime rates and the increase in natural disasters can be named as some of the sources of danger.Providing and giving access to adequate housing and living spaces is therefore a crucial prerequisite for the long term improvement of living standards for people in developing countries. There is a need, therefore, for solutions and concepts that can be put in place as quickly as possible, in order to create safe, robust, low cost housing and living spaces that can be provided without delay

Target groups are primarily sections of the population that are poor and growing rapidly, who need high quality housing, and also governments and aid agencies who are dependent on rapid assistance in the wake of natural disasters or in crisis regions where they have to deal with large numbers of refugees. Against this backdrop, B.T. innovation GmbH has set itself the task of developing a building concept which is specially designed for the poorest sections of population and for victims of natural disasters.

As a company in the construction and prefabricated concrete industry, B.T. innovation GmbH has been active on an international level for many years. Through its intensive contacts with business partners in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, the Arab countries and Africa, the company has been able to gain experience of various building systems and to make an in-depth study of their requirements and demands.

The houses are basically built of concrete. Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials in the world and can therefore be produced almost anywhere to a reasonable grade with raw materials that are available locally. It is easy to work with and can be formed into virtually any shape. Concrete has sufficiently good physical properties for building; it is very robust and therefore perfectly well-suited for constructing solid durable buildings

Benefits at a glance

  • Very rapid construction: 2 hours!
  • Lasting value for a long time due to the concrete construction
  • High quality, low cost solution
  • A small number of different components necessary
  • Good relationship between stability and mass
  • Very good reproducibility
  • Can (almost) be produced locally
  • Industrial mass production with local raw materials
  • Supply chains in the target areas are preserved
  • Safety in crisis regions and in areas of natural disaster
  • Standardised technology
  • Guaranteed short training period
  • The B.T. modular building approach using concrete is designed above all for use in ectothermic areas
  • (mass storage volume of concrete)

Joining and connecting technique

Extract of services provided

  • Construction time: 2 hours!!!
  • 36m² or 48m² area
  • 5 room incl. bathroom with shower and WC
  • Room for 4 to 8 people
  • Electricity sockets and light switches in every room
  • 1 water connection in bathroom and in kitchen
  • Further possible uses: – hospitals / medical care,
    • nurseries and schools,
    • police stations and prisons
    • places of worship,
    • shopping facilities

Joining and connecting technique

In order to achieve very short construction times, so-called “dry“joining techniques are used. For this, the (turnbuckle) developed by B.T. innovation GmbH is well-suited. It allows the simple and precise connection of the individual pre-cast concrete components and it makes it possible to construct the house in just two hours! No tools are needed to connect the components. This saves a lot of time and money.After construction, the BT-Spannschloss® is immediately fully weight bearing and remains so for the long term. The BT-Spannschloss® has been certified as approved for general construction by the German Institute for Structural Engineering.

Product Plant for local use consulting and training